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Originally Posted by Chuppernicus View Post
I tossed down 3 mines in front of the door where it emerges. It blew up and I didn't even realize it. It took me 2 tries to get past it. The thing just came out of nowhere it seemed the first time and blasted me to bits. I then just ignored the guys the 2nd time and ran down to the door I figured it was coming from and placed 3 mines in a pattern I hoped it would run over.

Just beat it on Extreme, when you get to the open area there is a door out and a ladder. Climb the ladder and you'll have a great spot to toss your mines risk free. Take over Lang and leave Graves in cover to snipe. Pick off the guys a bit and then take Lang and spray and kill your way around the perimeter. By the time you reach the door that closes on the general, you'll hear Graves say vehicle down. Real easy that way.
My friend, Nismoskygtr5 and I struggled with this last level where the tank appears...then I had an idea and told Brad about myself (Graves) to put 3 mines front of the big metal door where the tank will come worked like a charm. The tank and a few guys around it died instantly.
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