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Originally Posted by Mr Aim View Post
Total Domination
Achieve all 4 “Top Driver” awards in one race and win the race.
(i first did this on Water Canal 1, this is best done by causing as much damage to the enviroment and wrecking other cars on the first laps, then on your final lap go for a fas

Frank Malcov Award
Your driving makes Frank Malcov proud!
(see total domination)

Just in case this may help someone in the future.

For the above two I first completed the Real Habanero chiev, then with the cash earnt brought the Venom and fully upgraded it.

I went back and re-raced the first cup to get the total domination, and picked it up after the 1st round, the upgraded venom is super quick and can destroy the rest of the field easily.

I played the second round and again got enough to get total domination and Frank Malcov popped after the race was finished, so i'm thinking maybe you need to dominate both rounds? it worked for me anyway.

Well hope that helps someone.

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