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Originally Posted by Firaxin View Post
Does anyone have advice for getting an S rating on mission 13?

I can always get an S on all 4 sections of part 1, but when the the time comes to kill Pasternak the best I can seem to get (on any difficulty) is a C (which averages my mission rating out to an A), even though I shoot down all his drones before killing him.

Do I have to kill the drones myself? I've been using allied support.
i've always killed the drones myself to be sure, you need to kill at least 30 drones to get a S rating in the 2nd Part.

if you unlocked the CFA-44, it's easy to kill 30 with the EML. Easy way is to spam it and than go to the airport you can secure in Operation A.

If not, use QAAM and restock at the airport if needed.
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