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Originally Posted by B R O T H E R View Post
the guide is great up until half weay through, where some items which are really hard to find dont have descriptions, like downtown, i cannot find the 3rd body armour, i have the two in the alley ways but i spent a whole hour looking for that one iem, still cant find it, any help please?

apart form that the guide is great stormed through the achievment without any problems until warfare.
The third armor is on the rooftop of a building near the middle of the map. Go to the Tank node, go upstairs in the same building it's in, to the very top level (near a gun I think), then head across the rooftops toward the Center node from there. Jump boots help. You can't miss it from those rooftops, since it's on one. PM me or reply here if you have any more trouble finding any particular items. It took a lot of work, but I'm happy to say I got this achievement after only two days of trying for specifically this one.
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