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Misc. Achievements

Perfect Horde 30
Your Minion Horde is fully upgraded

You need to finish the game first, or at least reach the final area and have a horde size of 50 (all command upgrades and the command helmet). The goal is to get them all to 400% which requires the late game golden equipment.

Take 50 browns (it's easier to see equipment on them) and, if you took the destruction path, head to Empire City and start busting open crates (there are loads around). If you went with Domination it's a little easier as Blacksmiths also make the weapons after you finish an area, you're looking for gold but they appear silver/crystal in Nordberg (due to the snow). Simply move from blacksmith to blacksmith sweeping your minions in with .

As with the last game it's handy to take your minions out of the portal one by one until you see the % drop below 400, put that one back and then guard marker the others (hit ), thus all the minions you take out will be sub 400 and those already maxed out won't get in the way of them picking things up. It isn't an issue early on as most minions are picking things up, but (for example) when you only have 3 minions left to max out the other 47 can block them rather badly.

Minion Captain 10
Rescue all the Minion crew from the spider webs

There are 10 minions to rescue in the sidequest, they are trapped inside cocoons which you can smack down and split open. Seven of them will come as you explore the first area, and the last three as you enter the northern area (you need the green minions to break down a poison barrier to reach this part of the map). See the Map section of the guide for their exact locations, just be sure not to leave the area until you have them all.

Online Achievements

Snatcher 10
Win one Pirate Plunder map

See "The Big D"

Pillager 20
Win ten Pirate Plunder maps

See "The Big D"

Conqueror 10
Win one Dominate map

See "The Big D"

The Big D 20
Win ten Dominate maps

The quickest to complete these is by boosting, as with the first game there are very few players online making finding a game rather difficult and the matches themselves are rather long even then. However, should you be able to find someone, they can be rather enjoyable. Have the person going for the win host a match, head to Xbox live -> Ranked Match -> Create Match and select your mode (there's only one map for each). Now have the boosting partner go to Ranked Match -> Custom to find the game. Should you get matched up against someone else just try again however this should be a rare enough occurrence with so few online. The host needs now to only get some score and when the other person quits a win is awarded. Repeat until finished.

Adversary 20
Kill an opposing Overlord 20 times in ranked versus matches

Must be done in a single match. See "The Big D" for how to match up with your partner. When in game have the person going for the achievement grab their minions and place them on a guard marker using at the Overlord spawn point. Walk across the map to the other spawn point and kill the opposing Overlord and stay there. He should now respawn beside either the minions each time. This way you should be able to get 20 kills before the time runs out.

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