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Wink Keep up the good work, guys.

Originally Posted by BullZeye View Post
Great guide, but I am still having some trouble.
I just started playing UT3 again after a year since now this achievement seems to work.
And on Arsenal everything was still going fine, I collected everything,following this guide and the message that I had picked up all items on this map showed up.
Now I went on with Biohazard and CarbonFire and on both of them I followed the guide exactly but this text message didn't show up.Especially on Biohazard it's pretty easy to make sure that you've picked up everything(6 vials on the lower level,a shield belt,3 vials leading to berserk and the berserk itself).
I did made some cahnges in the settings,including switching character,could that affect this whole thing?

Edit,sorry,guess that isn't so bad, that text box didn't show up, but in the "game" tab of the pause menu it says "All Powerups found!"
Thanks again for all the work that certainly went into this guide.
Plus, on Deck the message saying I've picked up all powerups appearded again.

I've found now that it already said "All Powerups found!" in the pause menu before I had picked up all items listed in the guide.
I can only guess(and hope) that this is because I already attempted this achievement at a time when it wasn't clear what was necessary to pick up and everything I picked up then still counts(and that's why the text box doesn't show up on some maps,because I was already done there).
Yeah, ever since the newer patch, any maps you've already (previously) collected all the items on will show up when you press start, on the Game tab, as having found all items. You won't get the pop-up in the match unless you're newly finding all items and hadn't before.

@ Brother: No problem...keep up the finding and let me know if there's anything else you can't find. Also, no thanks for the boosting offer. I earn all my achievements legitimately.
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