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Originally Posted by slmmzy View Post
Great guide.

So I just finished episode three and I used your walkthrough for two parts that confused me. Even after beating it I still don't understand why I did what I did for the ace of spades on the clown nose. Does the other guy have a camera/mirror or something there?
When examining the clown nose, Sam mentions that it is shiny. Watch Leonard when you're playing Indian Poker... he looks up at the clown nose to see his reflection, which also shows him which card he has on his head. In short, he cheats!
When Sam puts the ace of spades on the clown nose, Leonard believes he has the highest card, despite actually having the four of hearts! As Sam as a ten, he beats Leonard's unbeaten (cheat) streak!

I did warn people that confusion would arise if using my walkthrough alone, as it is the quickest solution to each episode and you'll miss most of the story driving dialogue.
It is the price you pay for being handed 200GP on a plate, I guess.
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