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Pfc Hoskins - At the end of each chapter you get some FRS points (it says "You get X FRS points or something like that). If you are on chapter 3 you should have about 50 (I think). You can spend these on the last mech customization screen to improve certain aspects fo your mech. Click "manual" and tweak it however you want.

There aren't many points available in the beginning of the game, but towards the end you get tons, plus points for every data pack completed, plus 1 point for every hard mission you get an S on... so you end up with around 300 points, enough to max out a bunch of attributes.

AND, as deathbypig suggested on the first page, tweaking where your points are (once you have a lot of them) can make the difference between an A and an S rank.

Hope this helps.
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