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Item Location Stickies

First off thanks to all involved in the 2 item location stickies, saved me untold time

I noticed that the Health Vial location thread includes the location for armor pieces on the deathmatch and CTF maps but not for VCTF or Warfare. For the most part these are obvious but some did take me a while to find so I took the time to make a note of all the 'missing' locations;


Armor Vest [2] - at front of each base, around corner from bio rifle (up the 2 jump pads from approaching base)

Armor Vest - In middle of map, opposite side to water wheel. Low, on island.
Thigh Pads [2] - Either side of Armor Vest, just over the water under pagoda.

Armor Vest [2] - Leaving base via ramp turn (right for blue base, left for red) and follow path away from base. Under first roof.

Big Keg O Health [2] - On the opposite side in same position to each Udamage power up.
Armor Vest - In the middle on opposite side to Darkwalker, on island.

[4- Near Each Helmet On Each Side Of The Base] - Helmet is on opposite side in same place to Shield Belt

Armor Vest [2] - near flag
Thigh Pads [2] - around the far side of berserk tower on outside as you leave base
Big Keg O Health - in the centre of map under building

Big Keg O Health [2] - top level of base around back of goliath building
Body Armor [2] - Opposite hidden ledge from jump boots on each side
Thigh Pads [2] - back end of road by each base (middle of road)


Thigh Pads [4] - In towers accessed via jump platforms on either side of base

Armor Vest[3] - 1 on roof of building at base side of central canal (central). Others in alley next to Prime Node on each side
Big Keg O Health - Low road in tunnel under building, leaving blue base by right path.

Armor Vest [2] - At Prime Nodes
Thigh Pads[4] - 2 at Tank Nodes inside in alcove. 2 in base centre, upper level.

Armor Vest - Lowest level underneath the Floodgate Node building
Armor Vest - Take Air Node, get in Raptor & you will see it opposite on top of platform

Market District
Armor Vest [2] - Up on ledge across from vials above minigun
Thigh Pads [2] - In a fenced in garden area to side of each base

Onyx Coast
Armor Vest [2] - Inside Prime Node buidlings

Big Keg O Health [2] -
Armor Vest [2] - In front of waterfall on island, opposite side of map to nodes. Follow river from here to Big Keg o Health (and vice versa for other waterfall)

Tank Crossing
Armor Vest [2] - In base on upper level

Armor Vest [2] - In each Prime Node building, by jump boots

Hopefully this helps saves some people a bit of time. If anyone wants to amend the sticky with these locations please feel free!

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