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This probably is showing my age but...

This is REALLY weird for me. When I was like 3 I remember madballz when they first came out. There were comics, shows and of course those weird ball toys you could get of em. It was a weird series that I never really got into, and it sort of died off quickly.

So what the hell happened? Many many MANY years later, a GAME comes out starting the Madballs cast? This is almost like the stupidest revival ever. Madballs never had GUNS, as far as I know, so this is obviously a stunt to make more people buy it. It's a weird one though because I can't really remember Madballs being such a huge thing, so who's going to remember it? Does anyone here remember Madballs?

It's weird. I do remember the characters, and playing the demo I recognized Oculus and Hornhead and it was bizzare seeing them in a full game. It was like some kind of dream. Playing the game, I wasn't sure if I liked it. Seemed a bit TOO Simplistic. Becides, I only saw Oculus and Hornhead. Are there any others?
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