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ESPN Instant Classic - Setup

One for the History Books
Play a game that gets designated as an ESPN Instant Classic (excludes co-op).

Notice: This guide has been confirmed to help some people gain this achivement. My guide is just a basic structure that I used to unlocked this achievement and has been known to not unlock for some. Just keep trying if you don't have this yet and be really patience. It took me about 7 tries to get this and I did the same thing everytime.

Setup: Default (5 mins,Varsity, default sliders)
Teams: Tenn @ Florida
Rivalry: Yes


1st: Tenn 0 Florida 7
2nd: Tenn 7 Florida 0
3rd: Tenn 10 Florida 7
4th: Tenn 0 Florida 7

Final Score : Tenn 17 - Florida 21

Espn Classic Score: 646

Method: I used all of the default settings. Started the game up by scoring early, ran the clock out going into the 2nd quarter. When the 2nd quarter began, I kicked a FG straight out of bounds, giving them the ball. When on defense, I pumped the crowd up alil bit and held the CPU to 3rd down. When it was 3rd down, i ran FG Block which made them throw over me for an easy TD. When the 3rd quarter started, I gave the ball back to them and repeated the same process, letting them score 10 uncontested.After that,I began to play normal scoring 7 in the 3rd. While running down the clock to 1:52 I scored the last TD and held out for the win.

*Tip: While on offense, I used the quiet crowd animation to get the crowd involved. Idk if it helped but it worked*

Also, i used the even team(RB) while setting up the team.

Confirmed by DarkManX : Sliders and Quarters can be changed.

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