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Originally Posted by Angel Fire 42 View Post
Strange that you say that Wolfenstein revolves around multiplayer. Wolfenstein was separate from Territory. I have the Platinum Edition and the are two entirely different games. They should have kept the same format for this as like Steam did for Half Life and Team Fortress. Than all you MP people could go wild all by your selves leaving us to our SP game.
I think youre confusing yourself. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released in 2001 and had a SP component developed by grey matter(Now Treyarch, developer of CoD3/5), and a Multiplayer component developed by Nerve Software.

The multiplayer was a giant hit, so much so that they released a version for the xbox in 2003. It ended up being the most played game on XBL for quite some time, and got very positive reviews for its MP component. A version for the ps2 came out also, but only had single player because psn wasnt really that big back then.

Then in 2003, splash damage(Guys who worked on enemy territory: quake wars and are now working on brink with bethesda games) worked on a expansion pack for PC to RTCW, they named it Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This was meant to be a full retail release, but they could never finish the SP so it released for free as a MP only title.

RTCW AND RTCW:ET Both had multiplayer.
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