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Originally Posted by mastakhan View Post
good idea, i'll try a quick run on easy and do that. and if it doesn't work, then i'm never buying a monolith product ever again.
Why would you never buy another one of their products again? I assure you, it is not glitched. Don't boycott a game publisher due to ignorance on your part. I just got done playing it the first time through, ever. I killed all of the enemies, got all the boosters (BIG thanks to the guide makers), a few weapon kill achevs, and the no batteries, all on the first run through. All that is left for extraction is beating it on Extreme.

You are probably getting caught having the light on as you get caught up in a mini-movie sequence, and once they start, you can not turn it on or off, and it times out on you. If you have a bad habit of leaving it on, just don't even use it, or cheat and turn up your brightness like suggested.
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