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Originally Posted by DangerousK View Post
I've done this one multiple times and I still have yet to have the treasure appear after defeating Da Ji. I've let Himiko go all the way to the Ally base and then defeated Da Ji and it doesn't do anything. I was using Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and Orochi.

Any ideas as to why the treasure isn't showing up?
I had the same problem with the Battle of Odani Castle, so I checked another guide, and found out that there's a time-limit! And a fairly tight one at that. So you not only have to do all of the above, you have to do it QUICKLY. Ignore the enemy-spewing Gates, and any officers you're not specifically forced to fight, and use pausing to skip through long conversations quickly - that is, once an officer starts talking, hit Start and wait for them to finish, then hit start to return to the game - you save precious seconds that way, since there's a LOT of long-winded chatter in this mission. (And, of course, use Sun Wukong for his stupidly-high movement-speed. You might want to switch to someone else when fighting officers, though, since he has a lot of cooldown after most of his moves - or, alternately, get used to using jump-canceling.

(Oh, and you don't have to let Himiko get anywhere - she just has to have spawned before you kill Da Ji. Again, pausing is your friend...)

The guide I read said that you had to take down the last Sorcerer, and then Da Ji, within 7 minutes. I managed it in just under 8, and still got the treasure, though, so I suspect that 8 is the cutoff.

Should probably update the list with it.

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