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The people online in this game are REALLY bad at FPS. I don't see how anyone could need to boost for the majority of the achievements. I started playing like 2 days ago and I get atleast 20 kills a game on ranked. only 255 gs to go! i already have all the 100 kill acheivements.

easy kills, atleast for me:

host a ranked game
map: killhouse
settings as default
launch game
make sure atleast 12 people are in the game, it doesn't take very long
run to B side, wait in the stairs leading to the bomb as they all spawn
use the reflex scope
use a suppressor when you can, better accuracy
shield for pistol kills

if you're really having trouble, use all anaconda armor, i really never felt at a disadvantage with 0 mobility and max protection.
edit: ya i take that back. no one hardly plays any of the other modes. those are necessary boost i guess.

1 0 0 % c o m p l e t i o n
-assassin's creed
-call of duty 2

-call of duty 4: mw
-call of duty: mw 2
-call of duty: waw
-forza motorsport 2
-guitar hero: aerosmith
-madden nfl 06
-nba ballers: chosen one
-wwe: smackdown vs. raw 2009
-resident evil 5
-star wars: the force unleashed
-x-men: the official game

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