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For Storm, in order to get gold, you farm your points in the room with the bumper car (as with any character for Murderworld), which is the room before the boss fight. Get on the bumper car by pressing x and hit the clowns by using your left joystick to bump into them so that they take damage. In order to make your way to this room without taking too much damage, upgrade your Whirlwind by 1 point and keep the baddies raised in mid-air. Now to beat the boss, max your Lightning Bolt as much as possible (Optional: equip Asgard Armor/Thor's Hammer on Storm), stand right in the corner next to Wolverine's tank behind the little birdie thing (You can also do this next to Iceman's tank), and spam Huassar with Lightning Bolt from this corner. This is an exploit where Huassar can't touch you with her whip or any physical attacks. As for the moment where you have to save both Wolverine and Iceman, just hit the two buttons shown on the screen and head back to the corner. Keep doing this until Huassar is KO'd. Hope this helps and good luck.

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