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For Skrull Planet, the key is to throw unarmed enemies off the ledge, grab the axes off the big guys to take them out fast, and to take out as many enemies as there are on the map. Note that enemy spawns are fixed and that there are areas where enemies spawn more than once, so make sure you do not miss any. Time and Enemy Kills are are essential in obtaining gold on Skrull Planet. Defeating bosses vary depending on the character you are using:

During the boss fight for the Human Torch, I just kept my distance, maxed out Inferno as much as possible, and spammed Paibok with max charged Inferno. The attack is 100% accurate and may cause burn damage over periods of time. You'll take him out in a matter of seconds. Optional: Have Starbolt's Flame equipped.

For Ms. Marvel, I simply used Cosmic Awareness (had 1 point for this skill) to slow down time throughout her whole sim disc. Every time its effect wore off, I simply used Cosmic Awareness again. This saves a lot of time and hopefully your fallen foes drop blue orbs more often. To take care of Super Skrull, just use Cosmic Awareness over and over, and melee the SOB till he drops dead. Assuming you didn't miss an enemy, you'll have enough time left over to get gold on this sim disc.

Now here's something from one of my previous posts on this forum:

For Dr. Strange use:
- Black Magic (most powerful attack, transforms enemies into boxes)--max out as much as possible.
- Levitation (to toss enemies off ledges)--have one skill for this.

Until you reach the bridge, just keep using Black Magic on all enemies. During and after the bridge, use Levitation on Leapers and Zombies to throw them off ledges. Kill off Mephisto's Pets with Black Magic. When you reach Baron Mordo, just spam him with Black Magic (make sure you time each use appropriately) and avoid him freezing you. EDIT: Fly around to avoid his freeze attacks. When you find the chance, preferably after parrying his attacks, use Black Magic to damage him.

For Blade (max both out as much as possible):
- Warriors Blood (Good against enemies/boss)
- Spike of Destruction(Good against any enemy)

First off use Warrior's Blood to boost your strength and use Spike of Destruction on whatever you fight. Use a combination of Spike of Destruction and melee combos to finish everything off except the Fire Giants. Make sure you grab the giant sword off them and use it to wipe out as many as you can. When you reach Dark Spiderman, just use Warrior's Blood and use the melee combo to finish him off (you may have to break open pots in order to recover yourself).

Unbrokensoul, to answer your question, Fire Giants spawn every 1 minute (as in 60 seconds), but from time loss you'll be losing more points than making points. So, I suggest you try to finish the level killing as much as you can within a shortest time possible. Like Skrull Planet, Time and Enemy Kills is essential for obtaining gold.

Also, for Iceman, I'd recommend using Ice Slide (or y and hold y) to reduce the amount of time being taken away from travel.

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