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Originally Posted by DoNnAn94 View Post
For some reason butcher would be proud isn't unlocking but i have every other achievement on the game. I have tried to get it about 8 times
Here is a TUT on how to do this the easy way (It worked for me) :

1. Type 0110 0101 to unlcok the "Close combat mode".

2. Start a NEW single player game. When the game starts, walk up stairs and enter the cut-scene. Once it has saved, quit to the menu (Make sure you selected "Close combat mode" and "Pussy" difficulty).

3.Start up chapter 9 in reply act with the same character and difficulty.

4.Complete that act and *BING*, theres your achievement !

Hope this helps

If it dont unlock then, i havn't a glue. Maybe delete your save and start again

P.S You can still use cheats but i doubt youll need them, ask if you need to know how to use them with blocking the achievements.
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