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Iceman: Heres what I recommend using to beat it on gold.

Powers: Polar explosion, Freeze beam and Frigid Aura all max out.
Outfit: 3rd costum - Bobby Drake. Max Energy, Cold Mastery and Defense all max out.
Gear: I used the one called "spider's Bite" which gives a +20% movement and attack speed. Its all about time in this mission so this helps you move a little faster.

First of all keep your Frigid Aura active at all times, this will help keep the creatures from climbing on your back, it automatically kills them when they do. For the birds stand close to them and freeze them then use your polar explosion on them. Let your PE charge up first though, notice how it will also attack anyone close to the birds aswell. If any creatures are close them you can take them all down at onces. When you get to the first giant use his sword to kill him and any birds nearby. Ignore the remaining creatures just let them follow you to the bridge. Onces all birds are gone throw the creatures off the bridge to kill them faster. While killing the creatures go back to where the first giant appear and kill him again. Go back and kill more creatures. Onces there all dead go back one more time to kill another giant. (use your ice slide y and hold y to move around faster) Now go and kill the remaining creatures using the same tactics. Onces there all dead there should be one last giant, bring him down to about 10% health then take his sword but do not use the sword throw it on the ground and finish killing the giant. Now pick up the sword and head for the boss. When the fights starts use the sword on him to bring him down to almost half his health. (NOTE: do not attack him when his about to teleport because his invinsible for a second when he does that and it will be a waste of the sword) Onces the sword wears out switch from Frigid Aura to Frost Bite. Your not gonna use your frost bite but your polar explosion, stand close to him and just unleashed one PE after another, do not charge them up it takes to much time. You can actually throw two PE faster than it would take to charge one all the way up. Onces your all out of energy then you can use your frost bite while your energy recharges. Try to dodge his attacks and get behind him when his about to use his freeze or poison. Do this fast enough in under 8 or 8 and half minutes and you should beat it for the gold.

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