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LOL. Yeah, it's practically the same with the Black Panther. I used Stealth and killed enemies as I made my to the bumper car. Then I farmed points with the bumper car. For the boss, I simply used Razor Cyclone to finish him off.


If anyone's having problems with Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, do the following:

Mr. Fantastic:
Pinball all the way, which also means kill enemies along the way by bumping into them. Press X if you want to exit Pinball mode and save energy. You can also jump in Pinball mode by tapping the Y button. You can also dash with Pinball if you hit the Right Trigger and whatever button you assigned Pinball to. Have one skill point for Pinball. Pinball gives you evasion, speed, and low damage output. Despite the fact that Pinball has low damage output, you can still attack enemies using Pinball even when their downed. When you get to the bumper car, farm. Boss is relatively easy to beat. Pinball him to death and avoid being being grabbed by him.

Invisible Woman:
Use Invisibility, farm your points in the room where Captain America disarms the second bomb (enter, exit the way you came from, and repeat), and defeat Rhino (use Invisibility of course). You can also use Fantastic Shield and Kinetic Snare. Fantastic Shield makes her nearly invulnerable to any incoming projectile outside the bubble. Kinetic Snare is a way to prevent enemies nearby from attacking you at close range. Combine Kinetic Snare with melee attacks and you'll do some serious damage to enemies with Invisible Woman. I actually preferred using Fantastic Shield and Kinetic Snare over Invisibility when farming for points. There's also no wrong if you go for using Invisibility and Kinetic Snare. Had one skill point for Kinetic Snare; though, this doesn't necessarily mean you can't add more skill points to Kinetic Snare.

Here's more:

Luke Cage:
Got one word...Well, two...Two words for you: Street Smarts. Farm your points in the room where 6 AIM troopers spawn (have four or five spawns destroyed) and use Street Smarts to melee the crap out of the boss. This'll add Strike and Health to Luke, which means more punching and less worrying about dying too quick.

Farm points in the room with 6 AIM trooper spawns. Use Inner Calm and melee the crap out of Bullseye.

Ghost Rider:
-Damnation--The idea behind using this is that when you burn leapers using this and they grab you, they instantly die, which will allow you to focus your efforts in killing Mephisto's Pets and throwing enemies off ledge.
-Ravaging Flames--Upgrade this skill as much as you can. Here's an eploit: When you're fightning the boss, go inside a circle of fire (Ghost Rider is 100% immune to environmental fire) and spam him with max-charged Ravaging Flames. Like the Human Torch's Inferno, this baby is 100% accurate and can cause burn damage. Though, you have to make sure he's well within range when using Ravaging Flames. He has the tendency to go out of range and remain stationary someplace safe when you're at the center of the flame circle. As long as you're within the circle and he's close to you, he has the tendency to use his radial freeze attack. You have nothing to fear when you're within the flame circle because the ice will melt off and you can carry on with your attack.
As for getting through the level, you know the drill.

Iron Man:
Farm in the room where Captain America disarms the second bomb. As you're making your way to the boss fight, a way for you to beat enemies easily might be to use AAB melee combo, Rocket Uppercut, and Nano Assault. As for beating the boss, simply get close to him, which will force him to stomp on you. Get around behind the boss by running underneath the leg he's about to stomp with and for every time you dodge his stomp attack, either melee him or use max charged Rocket Uppercut (up to 2 times) and repeat. The more you practice, the more you should be able to feel for the rythm of his attack.

Spider Woman:
Farm in the room where Captain America disarms the second bomb. For the boss fight, simply fly (he can't touch you) and use max charged Venom Blast. If you ever run out of energy, get to a safe distance and land to refill your energy. Once you have enough energy get back in the air and keep blasting him.

-Hammer Toss (put skill points into this)--Hammer Toss has the ability to stun minor enemies who're hit by the hammer. Use it to stun and melee enemies.
-Thor's Rage--When you're fightning the boss, hit him with the hammer (I'm not talking Thor's hammer), fly (he won't be able to touch you), and use Thor's Rage. Rinse and repeat.

I believe that's just about covered everything.

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