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Originally Posted by Shaftiel View Post
Lion is really fun against players but he's one of my last choices against the AI, because most of his big damage comes from manual combos... that is, not the automatic PPK combos but DfP -> bbK -> P+K -> ffP+K P. Dunno if that made sense, but has a ton of them. That, and the computer doesn't fall for mind games, so you lose that advantage too. On the other hand, if you learn to use Lion well against the computer you'll improve 10x as much as if you learn, say, Jacky's AI killing cheese (the computer has tons of trouble against Jacky).

I think after you reach a certain rank in the story mod, like barbarian and higher, they have no better choice whatever the fighter you use in the way to have more easily fights.
Because if you win against middle range IA (between master and Barbarian) it's because you have enough practice to reach the last rank of the solo game.
So, for me, the fact in the way to complete ranking/flag/clothes achievements isn't to choose a tier 1 or easy caracter, but to choose a caracter that you want learn at maximum (for know every possibility of the fighter and have experience of how use his attacks/move).
This solo mod is good to improve your basics skill for VF5, but give some bads reflexs. So, for me, play with a fighter or another, at the end, it's no difference.

In conclusion, if you want complete this story mod quickly, just pick a caracter with you can complete the entire dojo. The others considerations aren't importants, because if you unlock all achievements in campaign, you have learn all the things you can learn with it : the basis of movement, the combo system etc. But you need more than 5 movement to beat best opponents.
The most important : tempo, mind game, defence game ; you will learn them only with others players. And after you have learn one caracter, it's more quick and easy to learn another at a basical level.

Unlock at 100% the campaign take at least 1 month (if you play 1 or 2 hours per day, each day of week), and they are approximatively 800/900 opponents.

Good game

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