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Achievement bugged, any hope?

I am not sure why exactly (New dashboard preview?)

I had used the blade guide menu to quick launch keflings then when I started playing it had given me a generic avatar (but loaded my game just fine) and I had assumed it was due to my avatar wearing some of the new purchase clothing items from the marketplace and refused to render me in game until August 11.

So I basically completed my castle (without the attachments) and I get a pop up box telling me that I had earned an achievement but because I wasn't sign into a profile I couldn't get the achievement.

So... I fixed the log in problem and completed the game and received my "King" achievement.

Rather then replay the save I had prior to building me initial castle I started a new game and save file and figured I would just go ahead and redo the castle and when I got my Queen/King again it would trigger the

Haberdasher (Encounter all hats in single player game )

but....I got nothing. No achieve, no error pop up...nothing.
<When you view my town center all the keflings are light up as active members of the town>

What am I to do now?

Any suggestions or somewhere to complain officially that would atleast fix it?
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