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ACT 2: Denizens
(8 Collectibles)

There are no propaganda items to be collected on chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Indigenous Creatures (2)
  • Gear's Journal
  • Kantus Scroll
1. After you fight past a few locust and boombers a little later in the level you will have your first encounter with the rockworm. One you have found out how to get it's attention with the glowing fruit carry on your patch around the tree to the left. Pay attention to the wall on the left hand side where you will see a group of vines which you can cut through with your chainsaw. Cut through the vine to find two dead COGs and a journal between them in front of the grindlift.

2. Carrying on from the first collectible you will find the next one within a small base camp. You will know once you get to the camp as you will see two triokas, a big door and a few tents on top of a hill. Once you get to the top trailer behind the troika nearest the big door. You will find the scroll on the floor next to an ammo crate.

Chapter 3: Disturbing Revelations (1)
  • Locust Emblem
1. As you start the chapter you will have to go up a set of stairs. it's not to far from the start of the chapter, you will find a few Kantus, tickers and locust shooting at you while you try to enter. Once you have killed everything enter the big door in front of you and look just to your right where you will find an ammo box with the emblem in front of a fire torch.

Chapter 4: Sinking Feeling (2)
  • Ilima City Help-Wanted AD
  • COG Tag, CSID:085177-MJ3V5-PB
1. You may run past this one so pay very close attention to your surroundings. Start off down the path until you come to the bloodmounts and a few locust. At this point you should have walked past a van on your left hand side. There will be a pile of rubble on your right hand side. Next to the rubble/destroyed building you should see an upside down car with lampposts in the background and a ledge with an ammo crate.

2. Shortly after you have collected the Help-Wanted AD you will progress down hill towards an ambush in a building. Once you start to pick off the locust you will enter a cut scene with Cole, just after the scene you will see you team in front of you, go just to the left inside the building and you will find a dead pilot with a COG Tag next to him, you should be able to see his corpse from where you are standing to start with.

Chapter 5: Captivity (1)
  • Stranded's Journal
1. Just after you free baird from the holding chamber you will progress forward to an open area with a large cage to the right hand side and other holding chambers in front of you. Look just to the right and you will see a path with a crate at the end. Walk down the pathway and you will find the Journal at the end.

Chapter 6: Intestinal Fortitude (2)
  • Car Gold Magazine
  • COG Tag, CSID:838186-22A03-SF
1. Once the chapter starts look right in front of you just to the left and you should see the magazine shimmering, it's just the to left of the pole that you will need to walk past to progress in the level.

2. You will find this COG Tag next to a fleshy wall near where carmine is killed. It's hard to see and you will also need to run from the mountain of debris rolling towards you at an alarming rate.

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