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ACT 3: Gathering Storm
(6 Collectibles)

There are no propaganda items to be collected on chapter 1, chapter 4 or chapter 6.

Chapter 2: Origins (3)
  • Interoffice Memo: Niles Samson
  • Memo
  • New Hope Medical File
1. Once you have destroyed the door and granted yourself access to the facility head up the stairs, as soon as you go through the doorway with the monitors surrounding it enter a doorway to your right. After you have entered look to you right and you will find the memo on the floor between a generator and a desk.

2. Once you have killed all the wretches in the hallway use the mini turrets follow the hallway to a T junction. To your left you will have a mini turret with a dead end, the other way you will see a few doorways and monitors. Goto the right, as soon as you get near the monitors they will start giving information. This is right next to the first doorway on the right, head through the doorway and follow the passage, go through the door into a small office and you will find the memo on the floor.

3. Once you have passed through the courtyard head to the second building. Once you get inside follow the maze of turrets and wretches. At some point on your patch you need to cross through a big open room, there are two turrets on the ceiling and a surgeons table in the midd.e Just to the right you will find a button to turn off the turrets. Go in the door just to the right of the button and you will find the Medical File in the back of the room. If you are unsure if your in the right room a small ambush of wretch burst through the doors and jump over the surgeons table.

Chapter 3: Rude Awakening (2)
  • Doctor's Journal
  • Captivity Marks
1. After dealing with Niles and the sires follow the hallways around. Take out any locust in your patch until you get to a big room. In this room a few locust with a Grinder will burst in thorough the doors and then meet their demise once razor hail breaks the dome glass windows above them. Head straight outside and you will find a small wall in the middle of the path. Dom will point out the train car, before you goto the car look to your right, you will see a small shack building. Your going to need to dart for the building in the razor hail so be careful. You will find the Journal in the back of this building.

2. Proceed forward from the first collectible, you will need to fight past a few locust. once you come to the three garage doors you will find a second train car which you need to get on. Before you get onto the train car turn 180 degree around and look for a sheltered pathway to a small building. Head towards the building and look on the wall on the left hand side as soon as you enter. You will find the Marks near an ammo box.

Chapter 5: Displacement (1)
  • Stranded's Journal
1. Follow the path until you have passed the first guard and encountered the first gunboat. Shortly after this you will see two explosive crate on your left, head up the stairs and follow them to the very top, on your left hand side you will have a gunboat docking. At the top of the stairs you will find the Journal in front of the chair.

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