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ACT 4: Hive
(9 Collectibles)

Chapter 1: Priorities (1)

  • Locust Terminal
1. After Marcus decides to let Dom lead you will come to a water pilled pathway. Drain the pathway and continue after killing the locust. You will soon come to a big open area where a spotlight will be pointed at you. You can't miss this area, it has a troika situated in front of a big door. Just to the left of the troika you will find a panel to open the door. Look just to the left of this terminal you will find the second terminal. Be sure to collect this one as it's quite easy to miss.

Chapter 2: Answers (1)
  • Prisoner's Journal
1. Run though all the holding caskets until you come to a patrol. To make this easy just let them pass, you will see a terminal in front of a truck, just to the left of the truck you will see a Journal, off to the left hand side in the screenshot.

Chapter 3: Hornets Nest (2)
  • Locust Jailer Document
  • Human Finger Necklace
1. As soon as you start the chapter you will need to head down a set of stairs. Once at the bottom turn right, follow the hallway and you will come to a giant arch. Look on the floor to find the document.

2. As you progress you will have to fight your way past a few locust, there is a part where you will hear the locust queen over a loud speaker for the first time. Press on until you come to a large battleground, you can't miss this as it involves quite a few locust and a reaver. You will then have to take out two Grinders, after you have done this your path progressing onto another room. Before you enter this room take note that you can miss this if your not fast enough. As soon as you see the stairs you need to roadie run up the first set of stairs and go straight to the right and head for the doorway, it will start to close to be quick. If your not sure which door it's the one with the concrete block outside. The Finger Necklace will be on your right hand side at the back of the room once you are locked in.

Chapter 4: No Turning Back (2)
  • Locust Calendar
  • Locust Defense Plants
1. Once you have completed the cable car part of the chapter you need to keep following your path. You will come to a spiral staircase just after you see the locust finding the lambent. Head to the top of the stairs and you will find the calendar on your left hand side against a wall.

2. Once you have completed the lift section of the chapter where you are split into two teams you will meet up again at the bottom. You will enter a big room where you will find the Locust fighting the Lambent, after you finish them off you need to extend the bridge to get across the room. Cross over the bridge and look straight again just past the switch next to an ammo box.

Chapter 5: The Best Laid Plans (2)
  • Locust Invasion Map
  • Trinity of Worms Artifact
1. Once you have been ambushed head down the right path and fight off the locust. You will soon come to a lift which a Kantus and Royal guard will get off of. Once you have killed them instead of getting on the lift run further down the path to the second doorway on your right. You will find the Map on the steps in front of the close door.

2. After you get off the lift you will have the option to either take the upper path or lower. It doesn't matter which one you take you will end up in the same area in the end. Once your at the end of this room there is only one exit. Before you exit look to your right and you will see a set of stairs. Go up the stairs, follow the walkway and then go down another set. At the bottom you will find the Artifact in front of the doorway.

Chapter 6: Royal Inquisition (1)
  • Locust Tablets
1. Just after Cole has made his announcement over the loud speakers you will enter a huge room with two paths. You will need to split up but before you decide look behind you in a corner to find a the tablets by one of the rear pillars.

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