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ACT 5: Aftermath
(5 Collectibles)

There are no propaganda items to be collected on chapter 1, chapter 5 or chapter 6.

Chapter 2: Desperate Stand (2)
  • COG Recon Report
  • COG Tag, CSID:911706-DZUHO-JN
1. After you leave the first area you will find yourself defending a building, goto your right and look around the front of the second balcony. You will find the Report next to an ammo case.

2. After defending the Sat-Comm Array you will be providing support supporting fire for other gears, as soon as you head down the stays goto the right and look for another balcony, there will be a COG stood on the stays, you will find the COG Tag next to an ammo box.

Chapter 3: Free Parking (1)
  • Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper
1. You will need to clear a courtyard full of locust, once you have done this get to the other side and open the gate with Dom. You will then end up on a street with a few locust and destroyed cars. Head the route you would normally but before you leave the parking lot check the right hand side in the corner behind a concrete barrier and by a car within the leaves on the ground.

Chapter 4: Tedious Footing (2)
  • COG Tag, CSID:444526-mI2K9-3B
  • Stradned's Journal
1. Just after you pass the parking garage you will be face with a grinder, reaver and a few locust. Once you have finished with them you will go through a hold in a build with Dom. As soon as you go through the hole look straight to your left at the hole you just came through. You will see another hole with the COG Tag on the floor.

2. You will now need to make your decent into the sinkhole. About half way down you will end up on top of a building with locust using grappling hooks to get up to you. After you have fended off a few the roof will collapse and you will end up at the bottom of the building. Just outside the windows you will see a desk to your right, once you have killed the locust jump through and look behind the desk in the corner.

Congratulations, you have now found all 41 collectibles in Gears of War 2.

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