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Feral Fighter

*edit, read further posts for more detail on how to obtain this easily*

Hey, i did read the Achievement Guide; but it's mostly giving what can go wrong and not what to do;

I have been trying to get this in Chapter 1, when we 1st enter the big room with no luck at all.

I'd like to know, if we combine Combos, does it count?
(my question is, do we only need to have the name of combo appear and glow in white/red?)

Knock Down; YYY
Fast Knock Down; YXY
Stun; XXXX
Fast Stun; XYX
Area Attack; YXXY
Fast Area Attack; XYY
Extra Damage; YYXXY
Maximum Damage; YYXXXY

Up here is the list for all 8 combos; can I group them into this and still get the achievement:

YYXXXY (Maximum Damage)
YYXXY (Extra Damage)
XYYY (Fast Area Attack + Knock Down)
XXXX (Stun)
YXXYXY (Area Attack + Fast Stun + Fast Knock Down)

I know the combo I just listed above ARE doable, but do they count toward the achievement? or do I have to do them each seperatly.

Also, where did you get your achievement? which group of ennemy? how many attempt did you try? did you group any combo? or all singular done?

Thanks for any who can help me out.

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