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Someone sent me a message offering me free Microsoft points, is this legitimate?
Before you even think about this, just delete the message and report it. Most likely the user is trying to phish your account. Do not pass on any personal information to other users.

Why do I get this message when I search: 'Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms'?
Your search is to general, you need to refine the words your looking for, if your looking for a thread on a certain game got o that section of the board and search in the games subforum.

Why won't my MGC card display properly?
This is a technical issue you will need to take up with, current news from the site owner has stated they are having server issues.

How do I display an x360a gamercard in my sig?
Refer to this thread to find out how.

Why did my signature get deleted?
This probably happened because your signature was to big. The size limitations are 500px by 300px, a signature pushing these dimensions is far to big and may be why your signature was removed.

How do I earn the word of mouth award?
Asking for this award isn't allowed, representing the website and spreading the word is the best way to work towards it. Do NOT ask mods or admins for this award.

How does x360a get achievement icons so soon?
This is on a need to know basis which only a few staff members here know.

I submitted a few achievement icons, why didn't i get credit?
Someone else probably beat you to it, it's very rare for a random user to find icons before the admins of this website.

Why did another user get their guide added over mine?

The guide team get various submission from multiple users. If your guide isn't up to the quality of another current guide yours may be discarded. The best way to avoid having your guides declined are to put as much effort into each guide as you can. If there are other users writing guides collaborate with them if you think you could help them improve and make one decent guide.

Why did I get joint credit with someone else on my guide?
When guides are processed if there are more than one guide we take the best parts from each guide and give the authors credit. Most of the information you posted may have been written by you but some parts may have been taken from another guide.

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