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Originally Posted by ovoon7 View Post
these achievements suck. all multiplayer, and the few campaign ones are both crazy and give hardly any points. A difficult 1000 most likely. Beating the game gets you 10 points
But beating it under 12 hours gets you 30G. And trust me, beating it under 12 hours is VERY achievable. I clocked in at about 9 hours, and I spent the first couple hours looking everywhere for hidden stuff.

Conservationist is going to be a tough one though.

EDIT: Nevermind, Conservationist is actually incredibly easy. Once you have a Kar98 with a bayonet upgrade and you have the Mire power just go play through Dig Site (one of the shorter missionsin the game) again. every time you see enemies just slow down time using Mire and run around stabbing everyone.

*Officer's House is a shorter mission, but I went through it twice using the same strategy as above and the achievement didn't unlock*

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