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Habeas Corpus (7 Phones, 2 Weapons)
W1. [Taser] You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.
W2. [TAR 5.56] You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.
P1. [White House Tour] as soon as you go up the stairs, you will taser an agent and he will drop the phone.
P2. [Poet] upstairs, you will come to a room with a bust statue in the centre of the room. Clear the agents and go right into the next area. Turn right into the first room. Once inside, you will get ambushed by two agents. Once they are tasered, one agent will drop the phone.
P3. [Veep Terrorist] at the top of the stairs (dual entry), there is a door to be hacked. Once inside the room, there is a cell phone sitting on a dresser.
P4. [Nameless Assassin] agents will blow a door down. Taser all the agents. One drops the phone.
P5. [New Sentava] after clearing area with number 4 above, go up staircase and finally go down a series of steps. You will enter a dark room. Taser all guards and one will drop the phone
P6. [Number One Observatory Circle] when you checkpoint that ask you to assist in the assault on the oval office, look for door in the hall with a keypad. Once inside the room, the phone is laying on a desk.
P7. [CVX shipment] found on one of the enemies storming the oval office after you kill him.

Last Stand (4 Phones, 1 Weapon)
P1. [Package was Delivered] laying in the rose garden. I am not sure if it fell of an enemy after he was shot, but after you clear the area, search the ground near the centre.
W1. [TCW .308] Found on a table just after you enter the building again, after the rose garden.
P2. [Secure Meetings] on the floor right next to the TCW .308.
P3. [Media Blackout] after clearing the enemies from the roof as a sniper, rejoin the agents. Once the fire fight ensues, turn around and phone will be on a shelf in the oval room.
P4. [Educate Him] after clearing all the enemies from the sniper post, you are called back to the oval office. When you cross the rose garden, there is a guy lying in the middle of the garden. The phone is near him.

Extraction (5 Phones)
P1. [Gas] After you clear the pool area, POTUS goes inside the pool building. The phone is on the ground around the empty swimming pool. It was dropped by one of the enemies you killed.
P2. [For Our Family] in the next area, you will be ambushed by enemies near a large tree. One will drop the phone when he is killed.
P3. [Payday] in the next area, on the ground near a dead agent. He is up against a wood table with three wooden chairs.
P4. [Presumed Dead] you will pass under a wooden walking bridge. Clear the enemies. One drops phone near the large vine covered gazebo.
P5. [Beach House] right next to number four, before you cross the bridge, it is behind the hedges next to a dead agent.

Expatriate (6 Phones)
P1. [Throwing Down Their Arms] after you enter a briefing room with the large white dry erase board in front of you, turn right and go around corner. The phone is on the floor near a dead agent.
P2. [Bail Out] you will clear two rooms with blue carpet. When you exit, the phone is on the floor behind the seats you are facing.
P3. [To All my Agents] after you cross in the “B area”, you are ambushed by a lot of enemies. One enemy drops the phone when killed.
P4. [Agent Foster] after you find the alternate route, go up the stairs. An IED will explode. Kill all the enemies and retrieve the phone from the ground after it is dropped.
P5. [Coming Home] turn right at the top of the stairs. Kill the guy at the end of the hall. To the right, you will see an enemy at the base of the stairs. Kill him and he will drop the phone.
P6. [Our Mission] after retrieving the freeze spray, work your way through the plane. Right after the checkpoint, shoot the guy at the top of the stairs and he will drop the final phone.
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