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Originally Posted by jqtaxpayer View Post
When they want you to choose where to take the fire... to the mania or dementia side. Save there, then pick one. Get the achievement, make ANOTHER save and then load your previous save and pick the other. This way, you can play all the way through the other one if you like. Don't know if there's a difference yet. Just completed the dementia side and didn't save beforehand... but I had another save just after beating the game so I've got a beefy character all ready. Armor gives him 100% chameleon and I just went in the door, killed the gatekeeper without any problems and then walked right in. No bone arrows, no tear-soaked hankies, just my trusty daedric shortsword.
Well how far into the Sherograth quests is that cuz I've only just done the Xedilian dungeon stuff? Is it toward the end of getting the Shivering Isles achievements?
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