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AF Answerer 20 Awarded for defeating AF Answerer

you get this achievment by following the orca path and completing defend anti sattelite cannons and then you unlock defeat af answerer. complete that mission to unlock the achievement.

Normal Difficulty 20 Awarded for completing all Normal Missions

to unlock this achievement complete every mission once to unlock some of them are missable i reccomend looking at the ac for answer mission tree to see ones you have missed.

Hard Difficulty 20 Awarded for completing all Hard Missions

hard difficulty is very diffrent like for example on defeat white glint once defeated white glint revives and comes back. one usefull tip i found was completing unknown next and no count on hard which has an extra enemy when completed you unlock vertical kojima missles i have found usefull throughout the game. also use weapons your good with and stick with weapons you find familiar and easy to use personally i use gatling cannons and vertical kojima missles for hard.

Mission Rank S 30 Awarded for achieving Total Mission Rank S
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