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ワタシの名前は… (50gs)

This is for getting the true ending in Story Mode. To do this, you must do all of the requirements for the other Story Mode achievements, which will be listed below, and you must do them all in one lap through Story Mode. What this means is because in Story Mode, you don't choose which stages you do and in which order, they have a set order no matter what. If you don't meet all of the requirements to get the true ending in one run through the 5 stages, you fight the untrue boss, get a bad ending, and go back to the character select screen and have to start all over. This means you must do all of these requirements in one play-through to get the good ending, and there are 2 requirements per stage.

振り出しに戻る? (30gs)

This is for getting the bad ending in Story Mode that starts you back at the character select screen. Just basically do whatever you want and make sure you don't meet all of the requirements listed below and you'll get this.


This is for beating the Story Mode 2nd stage boss with Mayuno.


In the 2nd stage of Story Mode, right near the beginning, there are 2 large centipedes and right around there area there are a lot of different colored butterflies flying back and forth from left to right. You have to kill all of the golden ones to get this achievement, and all of these (2) achievements will unlock once you reach the boss of that stage.


This is for killing the Story Mode first stage boss with Beniko.


In the Story Mode first stage, there are a number of enemies that are very short guys with masks on that just run either up or down the screen at different times. For this achievement, you have to kill all of the running mask guys in the stage, and to do so, you follow the left path, and at a certain point, 2 of them will run upward very quickly on both sides of the screen and you have to hit them both to get the achievement.


This is for killing the Story Mode fourth stage boss with Mamoru.


In the fourth stage of Story Mode, if you take the left path, there are a bunch of very slow-moving fishes that appear near the beginning of the stage, you must kill them all.


This is for killing the Story Mode stage 3 boss with Kinya.


In the third stage of Story Mode, when you are riding on the manta ray thing, a bunch of the spear throwing guys will come out of barrels and attack you, you must kill all of them before they jump back into the water for the whole time you're riding the animal.


This is for beating the Story Mode fifth stage boss with Fururu.


In the fifth stage of Story Mode, if you take all right paths up the stairs, the last room before the boss has a bunch of huge balls that come rolling at you down a hallway. Once you get to the end, there is a big Japanese mask/head thing that shoots you, you just kill this before you head up the stairs to the boss.

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