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Post Achievement Guide and Road Map to 200

Achievement Guide


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 15-20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: 1
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Welcome to the world of Shadow Complex.

First things first, the reason for the amount of playthroughs is because of the leveling up. You are allowed to carry your stats over to a new game, and early play testing (IGN) has revealed it will take many playthroughs. Also, the item collection achievements has you complete the game with 100% items collected ("Completionist"), the other is 13% or less ("Minimalist").

Finding all the collectables without a map will be long and tedious. Beating the Proving Grounds challenge maps can take a while, depending on your competency with the game. Simply beating the game can take ~6-8 hours. Considering the size of this game, it’ll take a while to span the entire map, which is – roughly – 3 times the size of Super Metroid’s map.

Step 1: First Run
Play the game; simple enough. You can earn between 8-9 achievements (160-180) in your first playthrough, depending if you get all collectibles or not. Difficulty doesn’t affect achievements, so play on Casual. You will be able to get all the combat-related achievements. Achievements you will not unlock are: "Proven Grounds", "Minimalist" and "Serious Complex". I do not recommend you go for the Minimalist achievement on your first playthrough.

Step 2: Proven Grounds
Once the game is completed, go for "Proven Grounds" (think Bionic Commando: Rearmed). Simply put, going for the Proving Grounds at the start is "not advised;" you don't know how the game works yet. You can go straight for this after the initial playthrough, or…

Step 3: Minimalist
Go for "Minimalist", the 13% run. Do NOT go out of your way to collect items. Again, difficulty will not affect, so use Casual.

Step 4: Mopping Up
Go for "Serious Complex;" this will take you awhile. You can continue your game after beating the final boss; simply click Campaign and Continue. You start off right where you left off before the final boss. Just make sure you go left instead of right. You can start a new game with your existing level, experience and bonuses. Your entire inventory will be reset.

If you didn’t earn all the combat achievements in your first playthrough, go for it again. Play on Hardcore or higher once you've gotten the hang of it, as the higher difficulties net you an XP bonus for the higher difficulties.
Also, the "Walkin' on Water" achievement is missable, so be sure to get that before the final boss fight.

This game should not be difficult in reaching a full 200. The only places I can see there being difficult/time consuming will be reaching level 50 and completing all of the Proving Ground challenges.



Let’s Get Punchy : 15
Melee 5 soldiers

f you’ve been making use of the melee button (), you should get this fairly early on. Get close enough and an icon will pop up in the lower right corner, indicating you can melee.

Bomba Punter : 20
Punt 20 Bombas

You'll have to get a Bomba (spider-looking things with bombs attached to the top; you'll encounter them early on)
on ground level with you. If they are on the wall, shoot them just a few times and they will fall. Walk/run up to one and press , repeat.

Bombas have a
short window between dying and exploding. They will "die" once you shoot them enough, as they will collapse to the ground and white sparks will emanate from their bodies. You will have a few short moments before they explode. One type (the ones with yellowish-green bombs attached to their heads) will explode as soon as they die, do don't worry too much about missing an opportunity.

My Head A-splode : 20
Get 50 headshots

Use the to aim for enemy heads and fire with the . Better done with guns that are not the Inertial Element.

Make ‘Em Scream : 20
Get 100 soldiers to scream

To get an enemy to scream, you must knock them off a high area. In other words, however you kill your enemy, make sure they fall a good ways down to make them scream. It looks as if they need to fall roughly 15-20 feet in order for them to scream. Below are a few known methods to get enemies to fall from a high place:
  • Explosion: Use explosive barrels or grenades to knock your enemies sky high, or off of a platform.
  • Melee: The stronger your melee attack, the better chance you have of knocking your enemies further away from you, and hopefully down a chasm (or a high enough altitude).
  • Foam: Use the Foam Gun and aim close to the enemy's feet. Lob a grenade into the foam for a "Sticky Grenade." With the explosion at their feet, it will launch them into the air. With the added height, the falling distance will cause them to scream (thanks Achpoques!).

Look Out! : 5
Kill a soldier with a Bomba

You can get this as you’re working towards your Bomba Punter achievement. Simply kick one into an enemy.

The earliest you can score this is in the beginning on your way to the helipad. After swimming for your first time, enter the door immediately to your right. Walk up, press and the Bomba will go flying into the wall just behind the enemy. Give it a second for the blast to kill the enemy.


To Kill a Blackbird : 15
Destroy the helicopter attacking the vice president

Story related; cannot miss. Happens at the very beginning of the game in the Prologue. Using the secondary function on your rifle () makes this a breeze.

Hero : 50
Complete the game on any difficulty setting

Unless you give up, which I hope you don’t, you’ll get this once you beat the game. Use the easiest difficulty setting, just in case. It will unlock once the game finishes tallying your overall score.

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