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Originally Posted by The Dauntless View Post
What guide?!?

No matter what Packokorn 77 says, he has less than 100% achievements in RE5 and Tomb Raider: Legends. He doesnt have all the achievements, it should affect his completion percentage as he hasnt complete the entire game, and should defo be added to his "Locked Achievements." He doesn't like paying for more content as he thinks everything should be given to him free.
As I said before I revised the post with the guide itself, I hit "Post" instead of "Preview" by accident, as I was still working on the guide itself.

Now, as for the bashing of my signature, do you really need to do that? Is that what you were doing as you were passing the time anxiously awaiting my guide? I'm not the only person who has something similar in their sig in regards to the issue.

Originally Posted by JohnnyRock84 View Post
Don't knock it, do one yourself if you don't like it.

Also, I perfectly agree with Packokorn on his sig.

I got 1000/1000 in TRL and i'll be damned before I buy TRA again just to sort my score.

I don't have RE5 but from what I gather, the 'Versus' mode was about as popular as a hole in the head coming so soon after the games release.

Apologies for going off-topic, delete as required.
Thanks Johnny. And as it may be off topic, it was just as off topic as Dauntless' post.

I don't want my first achievement guide thread to turn into a war. Let's drop the subject.
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