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Originally Posted by Achpoques View Post
Extra tips on Make 'Em Scream and Leveling Up to 50

I've gotten nearly all my scream kills from hitting enemies with the foam gun and sticking a grenade to them as low as possible on the foam so they go flying up. Regardless how they land, they normally got enough air time to scream.

The multipliers you see above the XP bar come up for 'Skill Kills'. Headshots and melee kills are the most common ways I see. Just string together some headshots and melees and you can get the 'max' multiplier easily.
Nice. I'll be sure to add that info in.

Originally Posted by MASS DOMINATION View Post
it says when picking the difficulties that by playing on hardcore and insane u get a bonus and major bonus of xp earned respectfully. although this is harder it will lower the number of play-throughs quite a bit i think.
I figured that higher difficulty levels netted more XP (much like the meta-score minigame in Halo 3). Same as above, I'll add it in.

Originally Posted by gunnerh View Post
Great guide mate
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