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Complete the game with less than 13% of items

Just like Completionist, but the complete opposite. You must collect under 13% of items, or less than 15 items. You read that right, 15 items. Itís unconfirmed whether or not your completion percentage must be less than or equal to 13%. In other words, we donít know yet if youíre completion percentage can read 13% and still get it, despite the description reading ďless than.Ē

Just like Metroid or Castlevania, there will be times where the game forces you into collecting an upgrade. Do not worry about this, just snag it.

As to what items are recommended/required for a game completion is yet to be determined, so keep an eye out for a detailed guide, or even better, a map. I won't be making such a thing for them; I will make a link here to that guide.

Key tip: Do NOT go out of your way to collect an item. If itís not in your way, ignore it. This could easily be the most difficult achievement.

I can confirm that you can indeed have 13% on the dot but be care full thought.(i had 13% all the way to the last Boss and then when i was jumping over a certain area i got the collectable and it still said 13% so i completed Game and it said i had 14% and then i just dashoboard and reloaded it again and i went back to 13%.

Here the Hint on getting 13%

Dont Collect and Health Upgrade, ect. Just get the suit upgrade only and nothing else then when you get to the part where your force to get the Gold Bar just get it and dont worry. Then after that you evenally need to collect 5 suit pieces get the all expect the Helmet and the Gun(dont get these) Just go to the last ! to where it leads you to the last Boss that it.
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