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Originally Posted by bawj View Post
not much help with all those missing squares
I have a link to the map Joystiq made with all items listed, and not just '?' marks, but letters to signify what pickup is what. It's in the guide.

Originally Posted by ll LeXaN ll View Post
You should make a note on the completionist that the pulse gun IS missable and you need to pick it up before you go down and the building explodes. Also you can get infinite ammo for your weapons when you pick up all the packs so you can have that before you reach level 30-40.
You say the Pulse Gun/Intertial Element is missable, but then you say you need to pick it up. Can you clarify?

Reaching those levels will allow you to gain infinite ammo for those weapons throughout your entire Shadow Complex career. You just need to get the item in the game to enable the infinite ammo.

[EDIT] Oh, and I'm nearly out of room for my guide. I've had to slim down MANY achievements on the second post, so if it looks like I omitted some crucial info, let me know and I'll try to edit it accordingly.

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