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Easter Eggs

Looking for Easter Eggs in Shadow Complex.

Anything really, or possibly references to the book or a bigger picture.

1.) Jason Bailey (Jason is the name of the PC), a master achievement, sounds very similar to a password for Metroid (NES). In Metroid, entering the code "JUSTIN BAILEY" made Samus play only in her bathing suit. The icon for the master achievement is a pair of briefs.

2.) Difficulty levels are Casual, Normal, Hardcore, and Insane. These same difficulty options are found in Gears of War, also published by Epic.

3.) When using the final automatic weapon BEFORE obtaining Inertial Element, have a look at the bullets on your HUD. Instead of bullets, they are actually a series of 1's and 0's.


When translated with a binary editor, this seems to be the encrypted message "fffff." Turns out, this isn't much of an Easter egg.

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