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Description for Chapter 10 item #3 is a bit confusing. It says before you leave the area with the stuck wagon, look to the left for a waterfall & tent. The waterfall and tent are on the right (not the left) if you're facing the direction you're supposed to go when leaving that area.

It should probably say something more along the lines of:

After killing the sharpshooters and returning to the stuck wagon, look for a tent and chest on the left side of the tall waterfall that is right next to you.

Spent way more time looking for this than I should have and it was right in front of me the whole time... lol. There's actually a couple of waterfalls over to the left of the stuck wagon, which made that left/right mix-up even more confusing.

Overall, pretty decent guide. I've been thrown for a loop a few times by confusing descriptions, but that was the first one where I had to look at a completely different guide to figure out the mistake.
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