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The following bosses are reincarnations of the ones you previously fought,
but upgraded.

Boss 10: Twinblade
Difficulty: 3/10

Extra Changes: A twin-plasma cannon that fires methodically from the
center to the edges and back.

Boss 11: Battleship
Difficulty: 6/10

Extra Changes: The plasma cannons are made even more dangerous, with
twice the fire rate.

Boss 12: War Blimp
Difficulty: 5/10

Extra Changes: Increased duration of the meteor shower, along with a
larger number of roto-mines.

Boss 13: War Wrecker
Difficulty: 7/10

Extra Changes: The wrecking ball, after gaining momentum, now sprays
debris when colliding with the ground, too.

Boss 14: Gorillazilla
Difficulty: 6/10

Extra Changes: He takes two jumps instead of three, giving you one less
opportunity to pass under him.

Boss 15: Eyebot
Difficulty: 7/10

Extra Changes: The laser cannons that shoot from his stalks now fire at
double the rate.

Boss 16: Herd Zeppelin
Difficulty: 7/10

Extra Changes: He now fires two homing missiles instead of one, at a time.

Boss 17: Mechworm
Difficulty: 10/10

Extra Changes: He now creates more debris, and has a longer tail to shoot
missiles with.

Boss 18: H-Bot
Difficulty: 9/10

Extra Changes: He now fires his laser eyes at twice the rate.

Boss 19: 'Secret Weapon'
Difficulty: 10/10

Appearence: A large pod coated in steel.

Weapons: There are three stages that he switches to upon health damage.
1st: He will fire lasers either straight down, diagonally or in a helix shape.
2nd: You will be bombarded with plasma shots, and the occasional nuke.
3rd: A shower of homing missiles will constantly attack you.

Destructable Parts: Well, itself. You can break it's shell off to reveal a new

1st stage: If you can keep your distance, it's difficult for him to attack you.
Try staying at the very edge of the screen, where you rarely get hit. The
lasers will eat your entire shield and orbs up in one shot, so make sure
you aren't hit.

2nd stage: Make sure to pay attention to the plasma shots and keep your
weapons trained on him. You should be positioned directly underneath him,
firing upwards, so any nukes he releases you are immediately destroying.

3rd stage: Pretty standard tactics, dodge and destroy the homing missiles,
while doing your best to wear his health down.
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