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Take a lesson from the history books

Yes the Nada is a tough ship to tackle with just two destroyers, but it is true that if you sink all the cargo ships in a certain amount of time You complete the mission wihtout having to face the reinforcements. I finished in less than 6 minutes, didnt lose any ships, on VETERAN. The real raid was done with a diversion, a sub sneaked into the harbour fired torpedoes and ran away, when the Jap destroyers chased him several miles away the U.S. destoyers, hiding in a storm squall, came rushing in for the attack on the cargo ships unopposed.
I used the parrot as the submarine and it worked first time. Set both the destroyers repair crews to fight water leaks and send the parrot to the right , the john ford to the left towards the fortress. keep both ships about 1.3 miles away from the patrolling destroyer (if it sees you just start over) the parrot should be moving slowly while the ford is going pull speed away from the destroyer toward the front of the fortress but just out of the fortress gun range.when the ford is there let it sit and have the parrot attack the cargo ships with torpedoes and guns but dont get too close and when the destoyer detects him turn and run away from the island, the jap destroyer and pt boats will chase him leaving the harbour defenseless except for the fortress gun. dont sink any pt boats and no more will come out of the hanger . sink the cargo ships in less than 6:45 and no reinforcements will arrive. good luck and tell me how it worked for you.

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