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I hated this mission on Veteran. Basically like others have said, you need to hurry up and finish it FAST! I found a thread on the eidos forums that had a good tactic that helped me finish this. This may take a few tries but once i got it to work i had the mission done in 6 minutes...before the reinforcements show up.

Basically I did this, right of the bat send your ships (still in formation) directly east and as soon as the destroyer and PT boat pass shoot the far east AK with 4 torpedos from the Ford and shoot the far west AK with 4 torpedoes from the Parrot. Sometimes the destroyer or PT boat will turn towards you if they see the torpedos in the water but that is rare.

Set your repair to fire and weapons. Move your ships just outside the harbor where the PT hanger is. Disband your group and set the Ford just outside of the Fortress's artillery range. Bring the Parrot in and as soon as you can shoot torpedoes at closest AK inside the harbor and then hit the Fortress with your Parrot's artillery. Dont stop until it is gone. Switch your repair to water and weapons and take out the PT hanger. Your AI should take care of the PT boat coming at you. If your torpedoes are reloaded target the next AK in the harbor and keep moving the parrot in. Send the Ford in right after him and shoot torpedoes at the furthest boat that you can see. Constantly keep torpedoes firing at the AK's and use your artillary from both boats on the DD and the AK's. If it works right you will finish in time.

This took me several tries but finally i did it in about 6 minutes with the Ford at about 90% health and the Parrot at about 10% health. I think this mission all comes down to luck and your speed of controlling the ships and repairing them accordingly. (sometimes the enemy AI acts different and your AI will outgun them)

Now i am stuck on the level where you have to meet up with the British fleet. Anyone have good advice for that one? My DD's get destroyed right away and then once meet with the fleet they get torn up by the enemy CL and DD's.

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