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Originally Posted by maddog fury View Post
OK....i`ve really had it....EA doesn`t give a rats ass about the community...the only thing they care about is publishing new 1) Pro street 2) undercover 3) shift.... the first 2 totally sucked....i`m not sure what shift looks like but i`m pretty sure that it`s gonna suck aswell....seriously STOP releasing crappy games and fix the ones that are good....NFS primetime really was Most Wanted and Carbon...

People we really need to make some noise about this problem....cuz obviosly posting in this thread will not make any difference....

My idea is to start sending EA HQ spam emalis...and threaten them that we are not going to buy any new NFS games before a patch is made to fix the problems in the prvious games...People...a widespread boycott is the only thing taht could help right now....cuz all other measures have failed!!!!

soo....anyone know any e-mails of people that work in EA that could actually make any difference...and please leave out EA torque and all the other "community managers" ....cuz as i understand, their hands are tied....we need someone on a higher stand...

u really think that spamming emails will make a difference? i doubt they would even care becuz thousands of people buy the games anyway. So no sir, i am not with u. Harassing a multi-million $ company will not solve anything, and ur being too serious about it.
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