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Just thought I would pass on a nugget of advice on beating this game on hard difficulty. Yes friends, I like you was pissed off at this game and ready to fling this disc across the room into the kitty litter box never again to pop it in my hallowed XBox. However there was a light. I struggled my ass all the way through this game. Im talkin 30-40 attempts per fight to get by. Until finally gettin cheesed out repeatedly by that fat bastard E-40 at what I was hoping was the nea r the end of the game. I noticed one little thing and afterwards I beat the final 5 or 6 fights on my first try including that Wheatly tool twice. If you just keep moving around your opponent without attacking and you dodge one of his attacks, you can very easily grab him back before he starts his next attack. I think it helps if you make your character 6'7'' so you have a longer reach. I stayed just out of blast radius and kept circling till I was close enough to him after a missed attack. Grab, chuck, spin that funky music white boy, repeat. Give it a shot, I went from nearly whipping my controller across the room, rolling the last 5 fights effortlessly.
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