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Originally Posted by yamayamayaamaa View Post
Which achievements can you edit the options on?
Like lower difficulty and more life?
The only achievements that are affected by difficulty are the 1CC ones, or beating the game without continuing. You have to at least have it on 3 for most of them, and one of them requires you to beat it without continuing on 5 star difficulty.

Any idea on what the DLC achievements are or the cost of the content (assuming the 1080 isn't the normal score)?
Good question, and yes, I do. There are 2 new DLC achievements, both worth 40GS each.

The 2 packs of DLC each consist of an extra character, one being the Nowa girl from story mode and one is Karel from Senko no Ronde Rev. X. Each one costs 400 MS Points, but obviously they have to be Japanese marketplace points, which if you're used to buying American points, Japanese ones cost more than overseas ones, so while 400 MS Points is usually about $5, lets say for Japanese ones right now, they're probably about equivalent to $7. Both achievements are for clearing arcade mode with each of them without continuing on default difficulty. I should add them, but I don't have the full size achievement pictures for them.

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