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Originally Posted by John Januarius View Post
I tried this without the guide, and failed. I can see what i did wrong, but just to tell everyone, in the "bathroom" of chapter 1, if you run through it, once you get to the giant hole, the level ends. It saved me a fairly good amount of time.
I'm not so sure about this. I've ran through the bathroom after the explosion with guys still around and when I got to the hole, nothing happened.

I just did this in around 70 minutes. I missed 6-7 minutes due to forgetting to just run past enemies to trigger a cutscene. My final time including cutscenes until I can skip (using disc version) was 81 minutes. I don't know the exact time since i started at 5:21:xx pm and ended at 6:02:xx. For all I know I did it under 70 minutes.

Biggest tips I can give is to use area attack (xxyy) when there are clusters of enemies next to one another upon using the charge (LT). I use(d) a lot of YYY when charged as well.

Know (OP's above "turbo" guide) when you can just run to a cutscene and not have to fight enemies.

On level 5, any place you can grapple up or down and have enemies (i can only think of one where there are 3 or 4 cops near the final ledge) just by pass them.

When fighting Underboss, you can be real aggressive with him up until about the 2nd time he jumps on the barrel. You can usually get 2 hits off before he swings. Always stay near the right side so you can quickly throw guys into the barrel.

I beat underboss in less than 8 minutes. That was a huge time saver.

I also only used counter attacks when I was low on health. Maybe a total of 5 Counter Attacks through my run.

Good Luck.

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