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Post One Last Thing

The Mid-town guides are all shaky, but they at least give you a general idea where the gold is. I myself couldn't find the last 2 of them in Midtown West for the life of me. If you have already went for all of it and are missing 1 or 2, here's where I think you may have missed them.

Gold 1: It's in the cracked roof of that old abandoned Soldier barracks that looks like it was a bank at one point in time. There's 2 or three crates out on the street for you to jump on. Once ontop, jump on the collapsing brick. Wedge yourself between the brick part and the roof. Follow down the brick path untill you hit the other side that is spewing black smoke in your face. If you look into the gap to the left, you can see the shining case just as the smoke clears for just a split second. Jump over, grab it.

Gold 2: If you're missing a second one, chances are it's here. After jumping down from the roof from the other gold bar, head down the street that is left of the last crate sitting in the street. Check along the right side of the long wall for a CROSS. If you can believe it, it's a Doorbell! Look for this one of a kind silver cross to the right of the door (you're faceing the door) and go inside. As you enter, turn left. The bag you missed is ontop of the bookshelf. A resistance member is either standing around or smoking in the general area. The building you went into also has stairs. So if you don't see anything familiar, you're in the wrong home.

I hope this helps anyone who has already gathered all the gold except 1 or 2 and can't possibly go back and retrace there steps without restarting the game.
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