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Does this system work faster?

Taken off a TrueAchieivements solution, not my work:

Players: 2 (more if they stand there)
Private game
Typeamage control
Map:crash site
Score limit:900
Weapons:Nano rifle,Reconstructer

1.As soon as the game starts one player run to the cliff and the other jump on the large rock in the middle of the map.
2.Shoot the wall with the nano rifle so it is no longer in your way.
3.One player reconstruct the tower to 85%
4.The other player shoot it Twice(or once) in the middle to top section and the other player will lose their contol over it.
5.As soon as (4.)happens the reconstructing player repairs it.
Repeat 4+5 until the time is around 10 mins when the reconstructing player takes all towers over(earning maximum exp)

The reconstructing player ends with around 2500-3000 exp
The shooting player ends with around 2000-2600 exp
If some one stands there they can bag around 700-1000 exp (reconstructer team)
or 500-800(Shooting team)

Hope this helps :-)
Seems like it might be abit faster, though im not sure, can anyone confirm?

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