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Thanks man, I've been searching everywhere for the following lines
There are 112 cases in the North Island
4 cases in the Desert
105 cases in South Island
and you saved me having to count up the lists in guides to get em

Plus, of course, the number of Jackal Tapes
1 00. Infamy
2 01. Smuggling
3 02. Circulation
4 03. Economics
5 04. Home
6 05. Rat-Catcher
7 06. Career Counseling
8 07. Stability
9 08. The Humanist

10 09. Stealing Boots
11 10. Gluten-Free
12 11. Necessary Evil
13 12. Lion's Share
14 13. Unrecognizable
15 14. Gutshot
16 15. No Sense
17 16. Numbers
These lists make it so easy to check how I'm doing towards the achievements before moving on with main missions!

You'd think there would be tons of simple checklists somewhere online wouldn't you!?! :P For those of us that didn't want a full walkthru but didn't want to miss any steps and have to replay for an achievement!

Thank you again
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